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Hot Dinners with Purpose of Life.

Purpose of Life is a UK-based non-profit charity that was established in 2014. We provide aid within the UK and throughout the world.

We strive to promote community cohesion and treat everyone equally irrespective of race, religion, colour, etc. Purpose of Life believes no one has superiority over another, except through piety and good actions.

One of our inclusive projects is our Yorkshire food bank which is available to those in need weekly.  Our food bank delivers food and hygiene products to members of the community on a weekly basis.

Our monthly dinners also provide support to the local community.  Our monthly ‘Help the homeless & vulnerable’ dinners provide a hot meal as well as other fun activities to bring the community together and uplift those in need. We have had such an amazing response to these events, and we are pleased so many people from our communities are able to benefit from a warm 3 course meal & further support from our team. 

These projects are funded partly by grants and partly by donations. Asda has been instrumental in supporting us to raise funds for these activities in their Dewsbury store.

These events are held on the last Thursday of every month at the PKWA centre (indoors) Off Manor way, Batley WF17 7BX.  We also provide free taxi pick-ups from Dewsbury town hall.   Future events are scheduled for Thursday 26th October 2023, Thursday 30th November and Thursday 28th December.

Purpose of Life ensures 100% of your donation is received by those in need.

Check out our website for more info www.pol.org.uk

If you need food/hygiene support please get in touch or if you would like to donate, please visit our website.

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